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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
Well, i guess what I'm trying to say is, for my game (3.0) I don't have to make any adjustments in my strokes when I play with powerful tweeners nor low-powered players sticks. Both sticks have the same probability of hitting long, hitting wide, and hitting out.

I judge power to be "depth", not speed. I've never measured how "fast" I can hit a ball with either stick. I'm sure there's a possibility that powerful "tweeners" can potentially hit the ball with greater speed than a low-powered player's stick. But that's not my concern, not at the level that I play at.

I personally use "player's" sticks because they are easier on my arm. Sure the babo PD is fun, but it shreds my wrist after a 1 hour hitting session. My Prestige MP doesn't hurt at all, but I find it to be just as powerful, not not more.
I think you're right about "power" being more about depth than speed. Lab evidence shows that the most "powerful" tweeners only offer about 2 extra mph, at that's only on impacts toward the tip of the stringbed. Those tweeners, having open patterns and relatively low swingweights, will launch the ball on a higher trajectory than a higher-swingweight players' racquet, so they will naturally produce more depth. Players grabbing one of these for a quick hit find their shots going long and conclude the thing is a "rocket launcher", but had they stuck it out for an hour they would naturally adjust to the trajectory either by hitting with more spin or flattening their swing a little to lower the launch angle. I would actually prefer if this were not the case. I want a rocket launcher because I know that with enough spin I can harness any extra mph I'm getting out of the racquet. But I haven't found any, except for the granny sticks, which really are more powerful but lack control.
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