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Originally Posted by tennisdad65 View Post
Honestly I did not see very much strategy in the 2 quarter finals last night.

Almagro & Berdych:
* hit a huge serve and put away the weak returns.
* backhand slice ~ 5% of the time (when in trouble or on the run)
* rip every ball for a winner or hit to a position where the opponent does not seem to be standing.
* or trade topspin groundies till the other guy misses.

I did not see directional's being employed.
I did not see a single surprise first serve kicker wide + volley put away.
Forehand approach shots were hit with topspin (ala Roddick).
Very few approaches on short balls to the backhand side.
Few Backhand approaches were short slices that sat up.

So, I gotta go with Suresh on this one.
the part i've made bold is the opposite of the strategy Almagro was using successfully apart from his choke games. He postponed going for winners, was pinning Ferrer back by hitting at him using backhand to backhand, or backhand (almagro's) to inside-out forehand rallies until he had a good opening to change direction and get a short ball.

It's only during his choking games when he broke down and tried to end the point too soon with a winner, or try to go play ferrer's grinding, who-can-catch-the-ball-furthest-away-from-the-baseline-while-running game. The result of not following his strategy was repeatedly losing the chance to win the match.

He had a strategy and it was working, until he choked and didn't have the mental toughness to stick with it. Then he devolved into shot making/blasting/pure athleticism, which fell pray to Ferrer's strategy of high percentage, defensive grinding tennis.

Ferrer stuck to his strategy, even during the final set when Almagro was injured. He didn't end points quickly and was playing his grinding, low error/low aggressiveness, game of retrieval. It was so apparent that commentators, the crowd, viewers, were all frustrated that he wasn't going for winners and wasn't ending the points quickly, even though Almagro was barely walking to make his strokes. That's the kind of mental toughness you need to stick to a certain strategy.
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