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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
This was an utter capitulation that will be very hard to ever recover from. Nico had never been as completely in control of any of the other 12 losses to Ferrer. He'll be a deer in the headlights from now on in their "rivalry".
With all due respect, I don't believe that was utter capitulation in the slightest. If fact, I don't even really think "choking" exists is tennis. Choking is for golf, or bowling, when you there are only inanimate objects you are contending with--balls, pins, grass, gutters, sandtraps. When there is someone on the other side of the court still giving 110% to make your life miserable and take that win away from you, it can't all be put on Nico or Stosur. In Stosur's case, the Chinese woman's game actually rose to its highest point in the match when she got down 5-2. Stosur kept competing, but Zheng's was playing free and easy.

Nico's swing tempo just went to shi* every time he served for the match. And he couldn't get a first serve in. He was thinking too much. He probably needs a sports psychologist to learn how to play the same way when he's about the win as when he's in the middle of a match. Don't we all to some extent. Did Roger capitulate over two US Open's to Nole, holding a total of four match points? No, he competed, it's just that Nole made him hit the same incredible shots that Fed had to hit earlier in the match to win points, and at that point, with the match on the line, Fed couldn't do it.
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