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^^^serving 3x for the match, losing the TB in set 4 and disappearing in set 5 was a lot larger version of "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" than either of Fed's failures. Everyone remembers the first MP of the '11 SF...all-time clutch ROS by Djok. How about the 2nd MP? A framed return off a jammer serve that Fed stepped up and nailed an almost-perfect approach...except it hit the netcord and bounced out! A game of millimeters we play, no? After that, I think Fed began replaying USO'10 in his head instead of FO'11. A shame it worked out that way...he had played nearly flawless tennis in set 5 to lead up to those MPs, after squandering the two-set lead.

Had Nico ever beaten Ferrer in a previous tight match, he probably would have gotten one of those holds or won the TB. After those four failures, he was toast and gift-wrapped set 5.
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