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Originally Posted by big ted View Post
she probably just cant get sponsored with the racquet she wants to use for the amount of money she wants. same thing happened with sampras and becker and mcenroe for a while
I don't blame Jankovic if this was the case. The only racquets I would play on Tour are Beckers, but because the racquet line is discontinued, would I still have to black it out or would I have to get a sponsorship by Volkl?

Also, what came to my attention is that Boris Becker released a new line of frames called Volkl-Boris Becker and I've only seen them on the bay. I guess these are European exclusive or you can only get them at a Volkl store in person or something.
Personally, I think they are cosmetically ugly to me.
I would send pictures, but like I said before, they are on the bay. Just search 'Boris Becker racquet' if you are curious.
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