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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
Thanks. So, what would you say a Babolat PD or APD can "impact" a game, for a more advanced player, more so than a soft players stick such as a Prestige?
Since these rackets have a slightly larger head and more open pattern than most players frames, they are going to hit a much more loopy ball in contrast to a more penetrating shot that a prestige pro produces. Flex also has a huge impact on how a racket feels and performs. Nothing is better than anything else, just different, which has been reiterated by many people that have tested numerous rackets, myself being one of them.

Not knocking any 3.0 players or your skill level, but many people at that level don't hit hard enough to tell a difference. It's the same as being able to make a serve kick because you hit enough slice or top on it.

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