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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
Raonic does not have a wta style forehand. That is laughable. Look at the picture TennisBalla posted of Sharapova and Nadal's takebacks. Then watch Raonic's forehand.
Well, I'm not sure what your definition of a WTA forehand is, but Raonic's technique is much more similar to Kuznetsova, Clisters or DelPotro than it is to Fed, Nadal, Berdych.

Yes, he keeps the racquet on the right side (toward the right fence) rather than taking it behind him like Sharapova and many of the women, but there are some subtle differences that fall under the definitions I use for WTA vs. ATP forehands. Notice the high takeback with racquet tip pointed to the sky. The men usually take back lower with the racquet tip pointed toward the net. Notice that he is flexing the right knee over the toes as he loads up the backswing and then "strides" in the shot using a lot of quad action. Federer and Nadal load their right heel and sit "back", and then rotate out with a lot more hip snap, which comes from the glutes and hamstrings more than the quads. They might still stride forward on some shots, but the main power source is hips rather than thighs. Notice how his non-hitting arm tends to point toward the ground. The Men almost always keep the non-hitting arm at shoulder level. Notice how his hitting arm is bent more than most men who use a similar grip, this is also a feature of the WTA style. Also, notice how his hitting-arm elbow is very high, coming up almost to eye level, during the follow through. The men typically have the elbow coming around at or blow shoulder level, especially Fed and Nadal, with a very tight wrap. Finally, the men usually have a lag, where the racquet head snaps behind their hand and lags behind their shoulder as they swing forward. The racquet then slings forward and contact is made further forward then where most women and Raonic hit. In order to allow the racquet to catch up, Fed and Nadal in particular stop the movement of the hips at some point, which sends the energy up the kinetic chain to the shoulder and out through the arm, like a whip. As a consequence of this, their weight is squarely on their front foot much earlier than the "striding" WTA style has it. (Although this clearly doesn't apply to shots hit off the back foot.)

All these observations come from posts by "tricky" who has analyzed this stuff in detail. It's all opinion, though, but I happen to buy it.

I actually think his forehand most resembles DelPotro, but DelPotro has much better depth control.

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