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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
Tomic has no speed. Dmitrov has no power. Dolgopolov has no consistency. Raonic is just a serve and the courts are too slow everywhere for that to be enough. Harrison is fat. Nishikori is short and injury prone.

None of them will make it to top 5 in the rankings, in 5 years time when Djoker/Murray and Nadal start breaking down, that worthless generation won't be ones to take their place and win slams. They will be superseded by a new generation of young players we haven't even heard of yet.

Maybe if Harrison loses weight he could make it, but that's it. He's the only one with a fixable weakness.
Silly post OP! Of the six names there, Harrison is really out of his depth - the other five are on their way pretty much to the top, but certainly not Harrison. I guess you are American? I suspect that each of Tomic, Raonic, Dimitrov, Dolgopolov and Nishikori will spend some time inside the top ten. Harrison is nowhere near that level - he is top fifty standard and will be there long term in my opinion. Dimitrov has no power!? Haha did you watch Brisbane a few weeks ago?! Dimitrov gave Murray all sorts of problems and Murray was extremely impressed with him - so I think he is a better judge than you. Tomic has plenty of speed and has excellent movement in general and really put it up to a flawless Federer for two sets last week. I think you might have been trying to get people riled up with your silly post. Two cents.
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