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I agree that many pros use gut in the mains for more spin. However, most pros are not as concerned with durability as the average player. They often switch racquets several times during a single match … some at each ball change. Many polys cut through gut mains fairly quickly, especially with the additional string movement of the poly cross. Also, multis and/or synthetics do not hold tension nearly as well as gut. Using gut as a cross produces a much more consistent stringbed and in my opinion, one that stays playable for a longer period of time.

So, I’m not sure if gut as a cross is a waste of money. I think it depends on the player, what they require from their set-up, how often they re-string to get it, and of course, what they can afford. I once had a poly main/gut cross string job that felt very good even after a full 8 months of use … but with synthetic I probably get about a month at the max.

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