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Originally Posted by Digs View Post
If you're looking for the beer, not sure Newks is the place for you as it's in nowheresville, Texas. The staff are great, and the price is the cheapest, but in the off-season, the ranch is about as exciting as a glass of milk with no chocolate.
You don't know anything about the region? New Braunfels is a huge tourist destination with plenty of bars and clubs. and only 45min or so from Austin and 20min from San Antonio you can get lost in all the bars and restaurants. .......also towns like Wimberly, San Marcos, Gruene.......etc are major draws..

Lets see what's 30min from Saddlebrook (nothing) or my god IMG (Bradenton is a dump). I was just at Newks 2 weeks ago during offseason and the place was packed with about 50 adults and the bar in the lounge is the hotspot in the watching all the Canadians and Aussies in for the week try to out drink each other.

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