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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
T, don't use that ****. Stay natural and your organs will be with you a lot longer.
I want to be a pro athlete (mma/boxing) or pro powerlifting. Sacrifices have to be made to achieve your goals. I know it's a big decision but it's been my dream since I was a little kid and I'm fully dedicated to getting it and take full responsibility for anything that may go wrong. I'm not using it to get girls like 99% of the gear users, it's pretty much a necessity to get my goals

Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
I agree wholeheartedly. People who take this crap never give any thought to what may happen down the road. There are guys in the gym who talk about shooting up like it is as common as eating a donut for breakfast. It just makes me laugh. Plenty of naturals are just as good or better.
Nattys aren't anywhere near as good as juicers. The human body is pathetic and can't do anything near what gear can do. You can take 10-15 years of natty training and put it into 3-5 years.

Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
I seen a dude get huge on tren from BSN called no-xpode? Iam sure he was using other gear too. He bought up alot of it when it was still being sold like 3 years ago. I think it was a pro hormone but on the label it said use onlt for 4 weeks. Sounds like a roid to me since and my friend said his stick stopped working and his two little friends got smaller not good!! If I was going to take anything I would go Winstrol-v to cut up and then go Test and that's it HGH makes dudes look too freaky. Going to try and bench 280, 285, 290 each for 15 reps.
No explode is a preworkout. It just has caffeine and other stims in it. Maybe he used a ph but those are stupid and there's no point in doing them. Winny messes your joints up too much, don't wanna mess with that. Yea you're right hgh makes that 3d look bbers have today. tren is supposed to be magic and I can't wait to use it one day.

Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
If he's really done his research (which he has said) he'll be just fine. Like any drug, the biggest danger is in abuse. If it's done properly, intelligently, and with medical supervision (at least inform your GP that you're doing it) then it can be done safely and effectively without destroying yourself anymore than long term drinking, smoking, or other drug use.

Gym bros that talk about shooting up in the gym probably do not fall into the category of intelligent users

T has some extravagant goals he wants to reach, which realistically WILL require the use of PEDS to accomplish unless he is in the top .1% of the genetic freak pool (like the kid I posted earlier, who might very well be on drugs and just beat the test)
Yea I've been looking at them since I was 16 or 17 so a solid 4-5 years now. Finally someone that actually knows gear instead of repeating what the media says. I got blood tests and pharma grade stuff so I'm all set. Multiple opinions on what I'm planning with all that research so I'm good to go. I could pm you if you needed proof but I'm 100% sure I'll recover fine. I would never risk my endocrine system without fully researching the crap out of it.
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