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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
The teams may be evenly matched, but the players sure aren't. Well done in sidestepping my question

BTW, I am in no way making a criticism of dizz or anyone else. The problem is with the system that puts such unevenly matched players on the same court together (e.g. a 4.5 male and 3.5 female), not the individuals playing.
I didn't sidestep the question. I never meant that every player on the court was even matched, I meant that the teams were and the match competitive. I did address your question saying that if he were playing singles against that lady, maybe he should hold back. If you're playing a competitve doubles match, you can't just ignore your biggest relative advantages, especially if you know the lady is using that strategy specifically to nullify your advantage and counting on you to let her do it out of chivalry. Maybe if she's standing back behind the baseline and you're still nailing her with the serves, take something off if you can still get easy points, but she's not, she's standing right behind the service line to get an advantage she doesn't deserve. I'd nail her, too, if I were in his spot.
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