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Yea I've been looking at them since I was 16 or 17 so a solid 4-5 years now. Finally someone that actually knows gear instead of repeating what the media says. I got blood tests and pharma grade stuff so I'm all set. Multiple opinions on what I'm planning with all that research so I'm good to go. I could pm you if you needed proof but I'm 100% sure I'll recover fine. I would never risk my endocrine system without fully researching the crap out of it.
Hazard of the sport. I've become utterly disillusioned about PEDs since watching Bigger, Faster, Stronger and after hearing some inside information about olympic weightlifters of the past and present.

It's good to hear that you're going the right route with this, blood work and getting pharmaceutical grade stuff. Probably more expensive that way but ultimately will be much better than getting it from the shady guy at the gym
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