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Originally Posted by MaxT View Post
Hiring Carols clearly is a good move. I think Justin Henin has the best techniques among women, of all time. Rubbing some of that off is very valuable.

Li Na has power, but needs someone to help tame it. She has a tendency to misfire. At 31, I hope she can have a couple of more good years (and $).

Among new Chinese players with potential, there is a Zheng Saisai, 18, just got into the quarters in doubles. Very good athlete all around. Very alert. In the two last rounds with some 10-20 ranked players, she was the star.
zheng saisai kinda has the tipsy thing going on. great footwork, powerful but compact strokes and neon yellow sunglasses. met her at us open last year and shes pretty fun to talk to also.

li na is definitely a great story. she quit tennis at 22 to go to university and study journalism with her husband before deciding to come back to the tour. she works hard and wants to succeed a lot more than most of the other chinese players, hence leaving the natl federation and training in germany (she finds germany excessively boring btw).

in real life shes very friendly and laidback, except when she loses. after the rogers cup final her.husband and I dared not talk to her for a solid hour because.of how mad she was.
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