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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
LOL most of them were basket cases......Dementieva never won a slam, Clijsters was a major choker until the 2005 US Open and then retired for a bit...Mauresmo was a headcase who only broke through in 2006 and was never a consistent challenger across all slams.....Kuznetsova won the US in 04 and did little else during this period...

Henin I will give you obviously and she dominated Serena for a while. Venus and Sharapova, yes.

But don't pretend it compares to 1999-2003 with peak Serena, peak Venus, close to peak Hingis, peak Davenport, peak Capriati, Henin, Graf (at the beginning of the period).
point1- dementieva is arguably the greatest player to never win a slam,it you doubt it just look at her legendary match at wimbly against serena. mauresmo was an all-court player who only choked at the french, kuzzy is an all-court player with two majors who was playing her best tennis at the time. clijsters the so called headcase only to serena,justine, and venus on their best surfaces in 03, 04 she lost to henin and was out the rest of the year, in 05 she lost twice to davenport and won the us open. if losing only to the best players most of the time on their best surface is a headcase then alot of alltime greats are too.

point2- i wasn't comparing the eras just emphasing that the competitive play extended after 2003.
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