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The longest match I have played was in a tournament last March. It was four hours long and I won it 7-6 6-7 7-6. The problem was, I had to play the final just under a hour later. During the match try and keep the same schedule between points and don't let the last point get into your head good or bad. Don't get too high when you hit a great shot and also don't get down when you may miss an easy shot. When you start thinking, that is when you will start losing!!!. On changeovers, put the racquet down grab your towel and drink and relax for that minute. Slow down your breathing and try and stay on your schedule that you use. Also if you have friends, girlfriends and family members watching, don't look at them during the match and just focus on playing your opponent. I hope this will help.
most of this i do
Ill try to take a break at changeover and put my racket down and just repeat the score in my head and relax. I dont do enough of that.
as far as my breathing goes, after a long exhauting point I usually try to slow my breathing down before my serve or slow my breath down before i grip again for the return of serve, that helps me relax and get ready for the next point.
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