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Originally Posted by Rumruner View Post
yelp he is in twice in the same division. Our $5 to Tennis Link per team should be refunded.
Maybe you did not understand the question. We know his name is listed under two separate teams in your division. But we want to know if those two listings on two separate teams were the same account number listed twice or the same guy with two different account numbers.

The nutz suggested you do a search for his rating on Tennis link under ratings search and see if two separate listings with the same name show up. This would suggest that when he registered for a second team he made up a new account to get around the rule that he may only play for one team.

If he has two listings shown this is not a flaw with Tennis link but an indication of shenannigans by the player himself.

Either way the league co-ordinator needs to get involved to fix the issue.
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