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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Thanks. That's what I thought it said but wasn't 100% certain.

Interesting that, according to the brochure, the X Force Pro (16x20) and X Force have the 'Zero Tolerance', but the X Force Pro (18x20) does not. I wonder why?
That is interesting. Zero Tolerance came about with the "green/yellow" Magnetic Speed Pro No 1's as far I recall. The earlier "green/red" version was +/- 6 grams, and had the current throat design (as did the "green'yellow").

Unless my eyes (and the blurry pics) are playing tricks on me, the 18x20 frame looks different from it 16x20 siblings at the throat, with a design that goes back to the pre M-Speed style. Those racquets still usually had weight well within the stated range. It does look like the frame is slightly different beyond the string pattern.

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