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we have a disconnect... the sequence is the same.. legs/hips then core then arm.... how the body parts actually fire maybe different..

you are tied up with the minutia.. i don't blame you... happens on the internet all the time.

i posted Sampras to clarify what i meant by 'old'.... and my point in the past few pages is that the 'old' is still being taught to the mass which is why people don't get any better with this shot.

when rubber meets the road, the kinetic chain stuff doesn't matter no more.... you say different, i say the same, who cares.

what matters, is what style gives the most margin for error, the biggest strike zone.

you are on board that the modern chop slice is easier to control and have bigger strike zone right?

slice you chop down and across... topspin drive you chop up and across.

or to get the feel even faster, you yank backwards like oscar says.
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