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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
Imagine the competitors running the 5 km by running back and forth from one side of a tennis court to the other. I''ll take Ferrer over any standard 5km runner. Am I right?
You are right.

So far as running goes I used to, on occasion, join my running friends for a run. From my tennis alone (the only cardio I'd do) I could outrun them easily in the first 45 mins - my normal jogging pace was too high for them to sustain and be comfortable. After that however they would get into a groove which I couldn't match - only by a small amount though. I put some of down to lack of that sort of conditioning but also because running per se did nothing for me enjoyment-wise. If I ran the first 45-odd mins at their pace I usually felt like I was only doing a warm-up for the first half hour.
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