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Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
How many of you have heard of Andrew Ilie , Chris Woodruff, Alex Calatrava ?
Andrew Ilie otherwise known as 'The Kobra'.
That goes to demonstrate how deeply competitive the 90's were when even a seemingly unknown player gets a nickname.

The 2000's have definitely had a drop in talent as those athletes that might have become tennis players have wisely chosen other sports. This is because tennis is a sport that is very unkind to its players. The lack of a player's union with any real power have, for example, allowed tournaments to dictate schedules and prize money. Low earnings and short careers are the end result.
This is obviously plain to see and so many parents are warned off and instead send their kids to futbal/soccer, american football, hockey, baseball etc. All of which promise their athletes much greater likelihoods of tangible benefits and even guaranteed earnings.
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