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I just got one. I had to for nostalgia alone. I'm not a collector but I thought this was really cool. I could probably get the rest doing a 1 new plastic can for 1 metal can if I wanted. I just couldn't get myself to open them and I don't see them as a real value or investment. 1 is enough.

I just thought it was an interesting find. The paint and everything is flawless. They look as fresh as they were back in 1984 or whenever they were new. I saw them from across the room. It was the yellow lids that drew my attention. I don't know why but I just thought it was a little different and then I laughed when I saw they were metal. I remember going to the local Ace Hardware store and buying metal cans with either white or yellow lids signifying the color of the balls.

If they were opened by someone else, I'd do with them what I do with some of the plastic ones I use today......piggy banks! It would be nicer to have metal piggy banks.
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