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Default Feedback/tips for serve

So as my last post stated, I'm currently running up on 7ish months of playing about 3 times a week. I have a very strong badminton background so overheads and net are very comfortable for me to execute with the exception of reading spin and putting my left leg forward on the forehand volley (badminton is racquet leg forward for all shots in front and behind you).

I am still working on the toss and trying to figure out how much leg bend I'm comfortable with. I can do a flat serve ok but the spin ones feel a little weird still (how much side vs forward swing to put on the ball). Sometimes I slice too much and dumps into net, sometimes it's mostly a flat serve with minimal spin.

In the video I'm mostly trying to put some spin on the ball. I don't recall trying to hit a solid flat serve during that video.

Any feedback appreciated as always!
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