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Originally Posted by Phonco View Post
I think a finish around the head/neck results in a deeper, more flat shot at the cost of spin. It seems like the motion itself causes more drive on the ball leading to more depth. A noticeable person doing this would be Djokovic. He has a Western grip and half of his shots end with the racquet near his neck.

I'm thinking that his grip already produces lots of spin and he needs a more classic follow through to get depth or else his shots would be short.
This is exactly what I am thinking! But only thinking...
That's why I want to understand why I should invest in practicing this shot, while a lot of coaches don't recommend it because you should focus on 1 type of finish...

BTW, I really love the reverse FH-finish and a lot of time it works on wideballs, so I do want to understand if it's worth and in what situation the around-the neck finish me can help me or it's just a stylish or personal preference thing.
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