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I saw this morning match Chardy vs Andy, so I don't care any more about Chardy frame, thank God that he is using Microgel version, so there is still some hope for IG
I have tried Babolat racquets but there is always same ''Pirelli sentence''; ''Power is nothing without control'' for me. (in addition; lack of feel + shoulder and elbow pain after two hours of play-(to stiff)
Rad is the best control and low power stick on the market (for me) for recreational players that ones in younger days played great tennis (with prestige or PT's) and today are just love to play and enjoy weekend fun on court, with stick that has that similar feel like old red and blue ones, but in less demanding package...
There is still some hope for IG paintjob; Sloane Stephens, if she will play like Chardy, I will paint my IG's in black, and then I will burn them...(of course there is Andy, but you have to be blind as a bat to see that his frame is nowhere near any of Rad frames, so he is out of Rad club).
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