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Hey guys, I've been stringing racquets for a couple of years and my APDGT has a length 26.4 now... None of my other frames have shrunk at all, but this is a little scary to me. The head is a lot more circular than my other APD's. I'm using a Klippermate.

When you guys are saying stretch the frame, what do you mean by that exactly?

Also, how do you properly mount a racquet? Like do I try to tighten a lot, or just enough to make sure it doesn't move? When I mount I usually mount the racquet tight enough so it doesn't move, but that obviously is not working.

I've been searching these forums all night for a good answer and have not found anything that everyone agrees on.

Any good advice guys? I really don't want this to happen to another one of my racquets.
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