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One would think the rankings get better with a few matches under the belt. These are awful and only a little better than the last ones. There's a team in the top 24 that might be 50th in reality.
This is what I dislike about weekly rankings so early in the season. Teams need 8 or 9 matches under their belt to really see how they are doing. I also wish that the conference matches were mixed throughout the season rather than just at the end of the season. Too many 7-0 or 6-1 matches. There are top 20 teams playing their normal line-ups against fairly weak teams that would struggle against the 5-10 spots. This is why as the season goes on that guys at the #5 and #6 spots crack under pressure because they have not had to deal with it. This is the time of year when you take a guy who is #5 on your roster and play him at #1 so he knows how to deal with pressure when it is needed.

It is actually nice seeing ranked teams playing each other so early in the season. Those are teams who want to improve their programs and tennis in general, not just worry about rankings.

I agree, there are going to be some teams that are going to find out real fast that they have no business being in the top 25 and will be lucky to stay in the top 50. The ITA Kick-Off Weekend could prove to be an eye opening experience for quite a few teams.
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