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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
He never did hit topspin running forehands that often, it was always the squash shot. Feder has always been bad on big points, it just never mattered because he was so good. Look at his historic break point conversion rate, very low.
he barely went up the line anyway with his forehand today. He did not Always hit the squash shot. He used to really use his pace to drill a running forehand either cross court or dtl.

Anyways, Fed and big points:

Fed has a bp conversion of 42% over his career, compared to Nadal's and Djokovic's 45

Fed saves 67% of bp's on his own serve. Compared to Nadal's 66 and Djokovic 65.

I didn't say he used to be better on big points than he is now. He was about equal maybe. However, he was way better at hitting big shots when he was playing well. Today he played well, yet still gave up cheap breaks and stuff. He just missed a lot less and was NEVER EVER overpowered (except for MAYBE once against Safin).
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