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Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post
is anyone else a fan. tipsy s new gear looks high quality
The materials on the Tipsy shirts are no better or worse than the poly stuff seen on millions of other activewear shirts. They certainly don't feel any better or worse quality to me. I like how Tipsy's shirt stripe integrates visually into the stripes on his shorts.

Originally Posted by Borrelli View Post
Fila and Nike are pretty much the dominant brands in my collection of tennis gear. I have a lot of the retro Fila stuff that is sold mostly in the UK like the Borg and Vilas shirts. If you can find the retro stuff it's really nice but most of it is more classic than the new performance poly crap.
Ditto, these are the brands I willingly shop for, although shipping from the UK's 80's Casuals store is an extortionate joke. I found a department store in Kuala Lumpur that was selling Borg/Vilas inspired Fila cotton shirts and polos and stocked up there.
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