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that five setter was just over 3 hours. I still think fed has got some in the tank.
I think Fed is gassed but Rafa was in white hot form last year at IW until Fed trotted out the gameplan and sent him home. I would like to see Andy actually go through Fed to win a major before I pick against Roger at this juncture.

Winning the USO last year was a nice accomplishment for Murray. In perspective, Rafa was not himself last year but facing down certain demons it seemed. Novak was apparently still recovering to some extant from the previous year. Roger made his best showing in singles at the Olympics and scooped up Wimby which was a surprise. And then there was Andy, who came in for the leftovers as usual when none of the other top four had much of anything left, making his hay at a major when the others were convalescing later in the season more or less. This next match will be his first real test IMO. The Olympics were nice but they don't pay millions of dollars to the winner like a major does--Andy will have to face one of the top dogs in Roger at a time of year when everybody's calendar is just beginning and nobody has yet won enough major prize money to have possibly become satisfied or even complacent.
I really feel like Roger's gonna soldier right on through Andy. When has Andy ever been comfortable striking the ball for five sets like Jo was? It's the guys who bring the consistent power that takes away Roger's time preventing him from being able to dictate that get inside Roger's head. Who knows, I could be completely wrong and Andy might well clean Roger's clock...I've been predicting for over a year now that 2013 would be the year that Andy took over the number 1 ranking, I suppose I am rooting for a Djokovic Federer final.

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