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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
oh less potent i am sure

we don't mate with our partner on our back lol... humans are built to have weaker backhands.
I was comparing both backhands, not their backhands and their forehand when I worded it this way. As for weaker, Gasquet has struck a 106 mph backhand at the French Open against Murray not so long ago... I can't recall the year, but I'll never forget the number. I do not know what you have to say regarding this, but I barely ever saw a forehand that was struck this hard. I have seen a few 100 mph forehands, even 105, but above that mark exist only a handful of examples.

To make a fair call on these, I'd need a few backhand and forehand to build two samples. Say, between 20 and 30 of each, numbered in mph and I'd take only winners because I want to compare their respective output. Assuming the distribution is normal to save time, I can tell you if the difference between their respective means is big enough to say which is better. I might actually do it someday if I feel like wasting time gathering data on that subject.
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