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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Why?? If posters believe in a player and I mean current or past, is a quote necessarily going to change that opinion? Do you think that TMF will no longer believe Federer is the GOAT because Boris Becker said he isn't or Kiki will not believe Laver is the GOAT because Patrick McEnroe said he wasn't.

What you're doing is basically first strike for no reason.
In regards to the first strike, this war has been going on for a while, also prevalent in the other section if you happen to stumble there. Whatever man. One of the reasons I said that is that I've seen members clung on to what people say and go with it (Laver rating Hoad so highly, there was a lot of talk over here about Laver's ranking of players and how his opinion counts). Add to that imo there is a highly questionable and biased preference for certain players (on both sides of the front) that I find unreasonable when posters skew their criterias to their own prefernce. Take it as you will, of all the things to call me out on (I've flat out insulted others) this one is miniscule.
The tour needs Del Potro to be back and playing healthy

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