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Why not Ross, why not?

He's been playing well, is fresher than anyone, and looks in a good mental place. You'd obviously expect Federer to be a challenge, but I like the fact that meeting is the semi rather than final as it gives a little less pressure.

I hope he's been watching footage of the other matches. Both Federer and Djokovic (assuming he reaches the final) have been pushed very hard by aggressive tennis. If he goes on the attack, he has a very good chance.

I'm interested to see his goals this year. If I've read it right, if Murray wins the AO he will be holder of 2 majors plus the Olympic gold, yet Djokovic will still be #1 even though his biggest title would be the WTF. It highlights just how consistent you need to be throughout the year to get that #1 ranking. Will he chase that this year, or is he more concerned about winning majors?
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