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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
In regards to the first strike, this war has been going on for a while, more prevalent in the other section if you happen to stumble there. Whatever man. One of the reasons I said that is that I've seen members clung on to what people say and go with it (Laver rating Hoad so highly, there was a lot of talk over here about Laver's ranking of players and how his opinion counts). Add to that imo there is a highly questionable and biased preference for certain players (on both sides of the front) that I find unreasonable when posters skew their criterias to their own prefernce. Take it as you will, of all the things to call me out on (I've flat out insulted others) this one is miniscule.
Fine. If you think it's miniscule. But let's face it, we are all human and we have our preferences and that's not going to change. I can easily live with another person having difference opinions. What bothers me is when a person gives an opinion or a position they have and I respond to the topic and that person ignores my response and states the position or opinion again as if I never responded ignoring the facts I often give.

I'm on this site to discuss tennis. That's not discussing tennis. I've learn a lot from many different posters and I like discussion. Incidentally just to be clear I'm not referring to you.

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