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You want to hear a story? My pro shop guy offers stringing. So does a guy affiliated with a nearby club, who is a stringer at pro tourneys, and also a teaching pro. So there is competition between them for customers.

A teenage kid is hired to work part-time at the pro shop. He also happens to take lessons from the stringer/pro at the club. The pro learns about his job, and stops the lessons, telling the teenager: "Your employer is snatching food from the mouths of my kids." The teenager leaves in a state of shock.

I used the pro/stringer once, but don't plan to go to him again. The reason I used him is also a story by itself. I am hitting with somebody when a junior tournament is in progress on the other courts. This guy had set up a mobile stringing van in the parking lot. As I finish and walk to my car, he calls me and says I play very smoothly. Then he asks me about the strings I use (Shockshield) and the number of frames I have (2). He gives me his card, then asks me where I live. I tell him.

A couple of weeks later, a neighbor catches me in the parking lot. He says that guy is his stringer and he had complained to him that I ordered the guy to buy 2 packs of Shockshield and I would be bringing my frames over, but never showed up! Finally I decided to use him once to make my neighbor happy.
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