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Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post
Was just curious, thanks.

By the way this is for all of you herer inquiring about the low tensions. In my humble opinion and vast experience of testing with myself and other players at all levels. There is a tension range in MOST if not ALL the poly setups I have tried that are not in this LOW range that performs this way. My testing has showed me that when you start getting close to 38-40lbs you start losing these characteristics of the low tension, so to really get this experience I would start at 35 and go down from there. 40-45 lb range yiends too much power with not enough spin to control shots, you need to get into that 35 and below range to really see what we are talking about. There is alot of questions here referring to 42,45, etc etc ... this is not the low tension experience trust me. If you have two racquets I would reccomend stringing one at say 35 and one at 30 and play with those. I also liked a racquet at 25 but I what I did not like was that it seemed like dwell time was so much that oponent could seem to read direction of shot much easier. Furthermore the ball did not penetrate as well although the spin was amazing. Heed my advise since I spent ALOTTT of time and MONEY on strings to come to that conclusion. Hope this helps since I see alot of questions that are all over the place with the tension ranges.
Excellent post - thanks Centerforward71!

FWIW I had my Donnay X-Platinum 94 18 x 20 strung at 35 lbs and it still feels pretty stiff. With a 18 x 20 bed I would say 25-30 tops.

Which brings me to the point that "low tension" could vary when discussing open or tight string beds. With tight string beds needing lower tension than open beds.

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