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Originally Posted by FedererDropShot View Post
It's sad that Rafa isn't here (yes it sounds like I'm lying because Rafa is troublesome for Roger) but so far, this AO has been so entertaining.

Maybe the best AO in awhile?

6. Anderson def. Verdasco in 5 --> I loved Anderson's striking.

5. Simon def. Monfils in 5 --> Pushfest but so much drama. A french royale of clashing willpower. Both were physically not at their best...

4. Chardy def. Del Potro in 5 --> Chardy does some beserk ballstriking against a Del Potro who was heading towards end of 2012/ start of 2013 in brilliant form having recorded 2 victories against Roger in indoor tournaments.

3. David Ferrer def. Almagro in 5--> The 4th seed gets tested and overcomes Almagro with a 2 set deficit and Almagro had many chances to serve out the match. A superb comeback from one of the best defenders.

2. Federer def. Tsonga in 5 --> I won't lie... Tsonga really scared me... He was winning close to 90% of rallies over 9 points and really took it to Roger with aggressiveness. The 2nd seed really was tested. Roger was lucky in some ways because could have gone either way. Tsonga played stunning tennis in terms of baseline exchanges but Roger's variety saved him. Roger Rasheed has really lifted up his game and I have a feeling he might break through at perhaps the FO or Wimby. But, I'm happy Roger won.

1. Novak Djokovic def. Wawrinka in 5 --> So the 1st seed was tested first before Ferrer and Federer were tested with 5 setters. Djokovic is simply the god of absolute defence... He can push back 90% of supposed winners that comes at him.... The crowd was really excited.. Match could have gone either way but pushing was once again faithful for Novak and makes an epic 5 setter once again... Wawrinka's display of backhands was probably the best you'll ever see in awhile... The best match of this AO for sure and maybe top 3 match at least for the year.

I hope David Ferrer vs Novak Djokovic & Andy Murray vs Roger Federer will live up to expectations.... Hopefully, even better than these matches...
Yea! It's funny, every time I turn it on something great happens. I didn't want to watch Djoker blow out Wawa, but I thought "Oh watch it for a few minutes", 5 hours of probably the best match I've ever seen later I was just jazzed.

Tonights Fed match made me nervous, Tsonga CAN PLAY! That and Fed was off, I hate that, bad service game and missing stupid shots, but yea Fed is Fed and he seems to give 100% 100% of the time, but that could have gone Tsonga's way, two tiebreaks......We were biting our nails.

Great tourney!
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