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^It will stiffen the feel up for sure. The blades are great for modding. Any spec you want, as long as you don't mind a high swingweight. Should play nicely PP. Let us know your thoughts in the usual thread. Or here.

Originally Posted by Sundan View Post
So,any update ?
At work, so I'll have to make it quick and leave more detail in the evening. Played last night, fast indoor courts. Doubles. Freshly strung with vanquish/4g, 60/55. Thank Tod it's the last of the vanquish, $h!t sucks!

Great set-up (339 unstrung) for receiving pace/heavy shots. Against no-pace, had to be extra-careful, was sailing on me every now and then. Powerful.

Likes- Volleys, Serves, Slice (heavenly) and the 2hdr.

Dislikes- Forehand. Really, the stock blade has the perfect balance of swing weight to static weight ratio stock, for me, the forehand feels much more 'whippy' and versatile, ie-reverse forehand, forehand slice and all the grips in between a full to semi-western, continental, etc... Every other shot deserves the extra weight. But really prefer the stock blade on the forehand side.
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