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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Hey Eliza welcome back!

What happened to Francesca? Why am I not seeing her in the AO?

Did you follow the Errani and Co win over the Williams yesterday?
How are you and everybody here? Hope I can read very interesting and constructive posts, since I am (again!) sidelined, with loss of points and position that I am afraid I will never gain back............
Francesca has had a turbulent personal (which reflected in the professional) 2012, and the 2013 did not start well, neither. Hope she can re-group mentally. I also missed the match and win by Errani-Vinci: I know Errani has been "growing up"these few past months. You guys will agree many new players are coming up, all of whom (IMO) good players: it should be an awsome year for the WTA.

I will read on TW all comments on their shots and training (I recently read tennis Pros new training formats, that excludes long runs to favor jumps/agility=what about stamina?).

Have a great season!
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