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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
I'm not saying that they cannot hit it but they often lack Penetration.

see schiavone. she basically uses an ATP FH (pronated Loop take back, across brushing with a closed racket face, ww finish)

but her FH is not really penetrating (on average, sometimes she crushes a ball). she is a small Person anyway so she is probably wasting her energy into spin (OK she still won a slam)
The question should be directed to a female player (who knows her body better?). But allow me to integrate an info on coaching tennis in Italy. Schiavone is not an exception, but the rule. The "lack of penetration" (your perception of) can be noticed also in men (next time watch an Italian male player).
It is too bad that the industry of coaching has been insofar dominated by misconceptions on what a girl can and cannot do.

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