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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
The whole difference in tension is a highly debated issue. For years I strung the gut mains & poly crosses at the same tension (54lbs). Then I read here that people were suggesting the poly be dropped 5-10%, mostly due to the realization that poly plays better at lower tensions.

So, I dropped it 2lbs about three years ago when I changed frames, and have continued doing it even since. I honestly couldn't tell you if it made any difference, other than maybe a slightly softer string bed.

The only way to truly determine any difference is a 'blind taste test', where you string two identical frames with the exact same string and drop the tension of one. Then, not knowing which is which, go out & play a couple matches with each and try to determine afterwards if there is any difference between the two.
Thanks man. I think that's the truth. The Pepsi challenge!
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