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Keep his grades up and there will be tons of opportunities for him. Even more if he isn't picky about where he plays. He could easily play in one of the weaker DI conferences and definitely in every DII and DIII conference. Many DI teams do not offer much, if any, in regards to scholarships but he can get a top notch education. Perfect example, Georgetown & Villanova do not offer atheltic scholarships for men's tennis but those players are getting a top notch education and both teams have 3 star players in their starting line-up. If you are looking for a scholarship, there are still plenty of them out there. What parents/players don't understand is that the higher a player's GPA and test scores are, the more opportunities they have. Ask any tennis coach in the country, grades are always a factor when dealing with admissions. The less work the AD has to do in regards of entrance the better it is for the coach.
Thanks for the great advice. I will keep the pressure on his grades . He has just grown out of his hormones and is more coach-able and probably that should help some with his sport.
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