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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
It all depends on your current rating when the sequence of matches starts, and then the rating of who you play and the scores. Depending on those factors, it could take just a few matches, or take many matches for someone to get bumped up or down.

You didn't say if the 3-3 teammate had that record at 4.0 or if he was playing up at 4.5. Losing against strong opponents can still improve your rating. And that lopsided win can skew things, particularly if the opponent is or ends up being benchmark.

The 4.5T could have been very close to the threshold to be bumped, and then just 3 matches with good results against strong opponents can easily push him over the threshold.
First guy was self rated and all his matches were at 4.0. Obviously I don't know the ratings of the guys he played, but I know roughly how good they were. 2 guys who beat him were average to slightly above average 4.0s based on winning percentage. One guy got bumped to 4.5 but beat him 2 and 1. The lopsided match which was thrown ended up being guy that played in sectionals and nationals so he was benchmarked.

The tournament guy had no rating, no prior USTA history other than juniors which were 5 years + ago. He played no other matches for the entire year. I played this guy and I am not saying it was an unfair bump. The guy was ranked in the top 75 in Florida as a junior so he was definitely out of level. I was just pointing out people can get bumped with not a lot of matches.
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