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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
> I recently acquired an "A.A." Youtek Radical OS and that
> lead me to wondering whether anyone else used the stick.
> Nonetheless, presume that the "A.A." Radical OS is instead
> the Trisys 260 OS under the paint? If so, do you think the
> A.A. frame was made in Austria like the PT57s? Thanks again.

I've wanted to buy one but they typically sell very fast after getting listed. I think that $1,000 is typical for one of those - if AA actually used it in matchplay. Something that I'd love to try but I don't think that I'd use it in normal play - I think that it would be impossible to get a matched set.
Yes, the one I picked up made it's way through RPNY and evidently was used by A.A. in a charity event. Needless to say, picked up under the auspices that it was an A.A. issued stick, with the rest (i.e. actual use) being gravy.

I tend to be pretty strict in terms of which racquets I use or don't use. The first thing my fiance mentioned after acquiring was how she couldn't wait to hit with it... No, no, this is going to be framed and treated like the ancient Oracle at Delphi; not subjected to the harsh conditions of a court by a mere mortal! Needless to say, I think this will temporarily halt the growth of my collection; can't really top this racquet without paying crazy money.
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