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Originally Posted by lucabaldi View Post
Hi all, first post for me (and sorry for my english, I'm from Italy), but this thread got my attention.
Maybe this video can help defining the difference between pro's and (skilled) amateurs.
Italian Eurosport commentator, Federico Ferrero, lefty amateur player with a decent game, I'd say something around a 4.0, plays a 10 point tie-break against Andrey Golubev. It was december 2010, Golubev reached his top-ranking of 33 atp october that year.
The score was 10-1, the only point of Ferrero was a winner (and maybe lucky) half-volley (following his second serve!). But it's not like he couldn't touch the ball during play, he even made a couple of not-so-bad slice returns.

Hope it's interesting
Interesting, but the amateur looks better than 4.0 to me probably 4.5+. The pro doesn't like he is trying very hard at all.
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