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Default Trying out XCel Power with ALU Power Rough - Question

Huge fan of Xcel Power in my K90s but I'm starting to have a need for a bit more spin, (1hbh, finally coming over the backhand for topsin). I love the comfort and feel of the Xcel Power, so I'd like to give ALU Power Rough a shot in the crosses to see if I can add a little more spin (not a ton). I currently get the K90s strung at 60lbs with the Xcel Power, and I'm assuming a 10% lower tension for the ALU (54lbs). My question is this, what should I have the mains (Xcel Power) strung at? Maybe 56lbs? thanks
2X Wilson Blade 98 (18X20) w/Babolat Xcel Power 17 (Mains) & Luxilon ALU Power Rough (Crosses)
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