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Default Got Spin? *Thumbs down*

So I was selling my 2 IG Speed 16x19s, comes with grommets for about 125-130$ (Forgot value I planned on selling to him). We had exchanged a few emails then onto texts. Eventually it lead up to the point of the sale; however, he says, "Can you ship them to me today? (It was a Saturday)." He also said that he was waiting for check clearance on the weekend and hope to have the money in Paypal on Monday (banks don't clear on weekend and it sure as hell don't take one day to get to Paypal). So I told him, I'll wait. I texted him, any update? No text. Just texted him earlier today and now he doesn't want them. What does this clearly indicate? PURE SCAM! Ask to ship early and not get paid!

Email that I contacted him with: []

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