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Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post

YES AND YES on the stringbed patterns. I am testing a STEAM 99S in its normal ranges right now but will mess around with the low tensions, although it is possible that I may need to vary my theory and dwell a little higher. I have actually played it to about 45 and starts to lose the control there a bit for me. The one thing is that the string movement is significant on this racquest even with a fresh poly at that tension telling me that the string is not returning to position as the racquet is designed to do. I fear that it will get worse at the lower tensioons but Ill let you all know
Please do report back as I am wondering the same thing.

The higher tensions, I would think, would case the strings to snap back into the "normal" position more easily vs. a lower tension.

But, might the higher tensions even further accelerate the string wear (notching) that this racquet already exhibits? Once the strings notch badly, this racquet does not play anywhere near the same for me. The drastic spin production drops off (which is the whole point of this frame).
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