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Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
Apparently Fed's BP conversion rate in this tourney so far is about 29%(19/66).


Djoko's is 43%(26/60)
Murray is around 56%(41/73)
Ferrer has 44%(34/77) BP conversion.

It's true that Fed had a tougher draw but he certainly isn't making things easier on himself or his fans.
You've been following the match via the scoreboard, I suppose?

It's a common mistake people make, attributing a poor BP-conversion % to the reciever only. Well, there was someone else involved in this match, too, who served great and showed great gutsy attacking play about every time he got into trouble. I'd advise you to have a look at Tsonga's final serve game, in which he fended off four MPs - three of those saves were because of his awesome, all-or-nothing attacking shots, not because Federer f*cked *p.
Give some credits to the one that deserves them.

Federer has already achieved what I hoped for him to do at this tournament, considering the draw and all. Anything more would be a bonus, but I'm far from as negative as some over here are.

Djokovic has already shown that he's not unbeatable. Murray, has he had ONE decent opponent yet?
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