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Originally Posted by mirceam View Post
i want to try natural gut on one of my racquets. what tension do you recommend?

now i use:

Luxilion Alu Power strung @ 48/46 lbs on my Yonex Vcore Xi 98
Dunlop Black Widow strung @ 48/46 lbs on my Yonex Vcore 98D

the Black Widow has more than 39 hrs and i didn't break it. I hit hard but more flat . I'm not a string breaker
I've been using only full gut in all my sticks for almost two years and have tried them at various tensions and my results...
  • Min tension sends the ball sailing with WAY too much power for any decent player unless you have a very compact swing or are retired and need the extra power
  • Mid tension is better and more controllable but still too springy
  • Max tension feels like a good starting point for most people here since it provides significant control for negligibly stiffer feel
  • Max tension +5 has great control and more spin because you can (have to) swing harder which imparts more spin
  • Max tension +10 feels REALLY stiff if you hit with it an hour after stringing but, after it settles down in a few days, plays well from the baseline (but a bit dead at the net at times)

on TW it says

Yonex Vcore Xi 98 String Tension: 50-65 pounds
Yonex Vcore 98 D String Tension: 50-65 pounds

So I'd say string them at 65 lbs and go from there. Save your bucks and skip experimenting with min or mid tension. Do NOT string a full bed on either of those at under 60.
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